Star Wars Visions Reviews – Episode 1: The Duel

I wasn’t expecting Disney Plus to drop this entire series in one go. Unlike Netflix’s binge model, Disney seem to prefer to release their episodes week to week, promoting that water cooler discussion and online speculation that comes with a more traditionally releases series.

Which kind of threw my plans into disarray as I planned to review these episode week by week rather than in one big chunk. So when they all dropped together, I had a think about it and decided to say sod it and just review them all individually anyway.

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My Thoughts on: The Bad Batch Season 1

Now the first series of The Bad Batch is over, I feel compelled to write about it. I mean, I wouldn’t feel right moving into doing episodic reviews of Rebels without having covered this show first.

The Bad Batch is the latest new Star Wars show from Disney and made as a direct sequel to the long running Clone Wars series that I recently concluded reviewing every episode of. While none of the main characters from Clone Wars return for this series, the show deals with the continuing themes of the nature of the clones, their choices and their place in the galaxy.

Especially now the Republic has been replaced with a very different Galactic Empire.

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Was I expecting too much from Monsters at Work?

When I realised my favourite amongst Pixar’s impressive array of works was getting its own spinoff series on Disney Plus, I was real excited. Both Monsters Inc. and Monsters University were amongst my favourite of all of the Pixar movies. And given Pixar’s track record, I had lofty hopes regarding their Mobsters at work sequel series.

After watching the first handful of episodes, I realise that maybe my expectations were a little too high reaching.

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