The Mandalorian is the first step in what Star Wars needs to become

Here I am, talking about a series way later than everyone else. Only really because the final episode of the Mandalorian only hit Disney+ here in the U.K. a couple of days ago, and I didn’t want to especially go out there and steal the damned show. I love Star Wars, and was willing to wait an extra few months to see the series as legitimately as I could.

I’m shocked at how I managed to avoid as much information about this series as I did, leading up to now. Well, except for baby Yoda, although that was unavoidable to people living in the deepest reaches of Wild Space. But having seen it all now, this show feels like the closest live action thing I’ve seen that truly evokes that same sense of storytelling that made me love the old Expanded Universe so much.

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Rogue One: Star Wars should Lean into its Stories

Recently I went back an watched Rogue One, the first of the Star Wars Stories movies. And after much thought and soul searching, I think it might be my favourite of the modern Star Wars movies. It feels like the one movie of the franchise that understands why the series was fleshed out as much as it was in what was once known as the expanded universe.

Rogue One: Star Wars should Lean into its Stories

In my mind there are two kinds of “hardcore” Star Wars fan. There are the people like me who have spent the last few decades of their lives buying terribly written novels, collecting comic books and playing all of the games, simply enjoying spending time in the world and getting an increasingly complex sense of this fascinating setting.

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