We’re getting a Knights of the Old Republic Remake! What does it mean? So many questions

I’m no console fanboy. Although I will admit that over the past few years, I have held some degree of favouritism of the Microsoft consoles over the Sony ones. This generation might just change things though, having managed to get my hands on a PS5 before even bothering with a new Xbox, I was super excited to see all the trailers announced at Sony’s PlayStation Showcase.

Although one surprise announcement had me bouncing even more than the ones that followed it, despite myself: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake.

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Five potential Star Wars Movies I’d want to see

Are we past Rise of Skywalker yet? I haven’t gone back and watched it a second time yet, I’m not sure I even want to at this point. Despite the fact that Disney really screwed the pooch with the final part of their sequel trilogy, there has been no shortage of new Star Wars content for me to get excited about, as you’ve probably seen through my ongoing mission to review every episode of the Clone Wars T.V. series in chronological order.

But what of the movies? I guess Disney are going to take a little bit of a break and let the heat die down before they go back to them. But that doesn’t mean they haven’t got plans bubbling over for the future. I mean, they’re saying Taika Waititi is lined up to direct one of the upcoming Star Wars movies, which’ll be very interesting and different.

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