Dragon Ball Super – Breaking down the Villain: Moro the World Devourer

I think Lord Beerus said it best; Like Goku, the Dragon Ball Super Manga can’t stick a landing for its life. While I’ll admit that the ending to the Moro/Galactic Patrol arc hasn’t been the worst Super has produced, it does carry the same old problems as the other story arc’s in the series. Mainly in that, it loses its primary antagonist as a character along in the mix.

While Moro started off the story as a unique and interesting villain, it seemed inevitable that he would simply blend into the background by the time his story was over.

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Moriarty The Patriot and the Importance of the Rival

Of all the anime I’ve been watching this season, there’s only one that has really intrigued me. Which is rather fitting considering that intrigue is the name of the game when it comes to Moriarty the Patriot. Despite enjoying watching the first five episodes, it still felt like there was something missing. Moriarty had quickly been painted as this near omnipotent mastermind, but there’s only so long he can be on top before things become stale.

He needed someone to challenge him, someone to rival him.

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Wandering Witch and Elaina’s Wandering Morality

The genesis for this post came to me after reading a tweet thread started by Scott of Mechanical Anime Reviews. He, and a few others were having a little debate about talking about Elaina: the titular character in Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina.

I was initially going to post my little piece on the matter, which turned out to be too long for a single tweet. Work ended up getting in the way of those plans. But my mind still lingered on the point and after watching a few more episodes of the series I felt the need to delve into her a character rather than letting this post fall into obscurity in my draft folder.

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