The Hunters Guild: Red Hood and getting Meta when you get the Axe

A while back, I signed myself up for a Viz subscription so that I could go back and read the My Hero Academia Manga from the beginning. In the time since then, I’ve kind of just not bothered to cancel it, so I’ve found myself reading a few other new manga that have been getting published on there.

Helping me discover series like Kaiju No. 8 and Hunter’s Guild: Red Hood, the latter of which recently got the dropped by Shonen Jump. Something I never actually realised until I saw a big old “The End” label at the end of the last chapter.

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Five Manga I Was Reading Recently That Abruptly Ended

I’ve been reading manga for about 12 months now, and in that time I’ve noticed that sometimes a series I was enjoying will end super abruptly or will simply stop updating, and it’ll be months before I remember it and wonder what happened. Through idle curiosity, I’m learning about the manga industry and how things can just go away on a publisher’s whim.

It’s been an interesting experience, and one that’s given me insight into the community’s pain over losing series. And as someone who still feels relatively new to the game of anime/manga and writing about it, I thought I’d list a bunch of series I was enjoying that ended in ways I felt were kind of abrupt.

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Jessica Jones – The Big Farewell to Mature storytelling in the MCU

A sentiment I’ve many film buffs lamenting these past few years is the current trend of mainstream movie veering away from from tackling difficult or challenging subject matter. We live in a franchise driven industry right now, one where everything needs to have as broad an appeal as possible.

Disney is more guilty of this than anyone, culling their own Marvel Cinematic Universe for the sake of of having it slot into a much neater, and more easily marketable form. The cancelation of Netflix’s Marvel series being the first victim of this.

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