Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 62: Edge of Defeat

Did I mention that really don’t like Moro’s new design. I read someone complaining about him a while back, saying that as he got younger, he got less interesting looking. Well, none of us were expecting him to absorb Seven Three and turn into yet one more major Dragon Ball antagonist who looks like Perfect Cell, but we should all honestly be slapping ourselves on the forehead about that at this point.

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Five Manga I Was Reading Recently That Abruptly Ended

I’ve been reading manga for about 12 months now, and in that time I’ve noticed that sometimes a series I was enjoying will end super abruptly or will simply stop updating, and it’ll be months before I remember it and wonder what happened. Through idle curiosity, I’m learning about the manga industry and how things can just go away on a publisher’s whim.

It’s been an interesting experience, and one that’s given me insight into the community’s pain over losing series. And as someone who still feels relatively new to the game of anime/manga and writing about it, I thought I’d list a bunch of series I was enjoying that ended in ways I felt were kind of abrupt.

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Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 61: Vegeta Reborn

Man, oh man. I’ll tell you what, I was coming into this chapter fully expecting to be underwhelmed by it. As much as I’ve enjoyed reading this arc, I’ve felt it never quite wanted to overstep its bounds and do anything really new with the series. But after reading this chapter, I was super impressed with the direction this battle went in, and also with Vegeta’s much hyped new power, that could have easily been a disappointment. Although, I get the impression I’m the exception in feeling this way.

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