Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 75: God of Destruction Power

Well, Vegeta is a big trailblazer these days isn’t he. The question of this chapter was always going to be whether Vegeta’s new transformation was going to get the hype and payoff that he probably deserves at this point, being his own personal parallel to Ultra Instinct. Seems like a silly question in retrospect, this is Vegeta we’re talking about after all. Although that doesn’t mean this chapter could still impress all the same.

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Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 72: Saiyans and Cerealian

The manipulations continue with this chapter as the Heeters plan to put the famous Goku and Vegeta on a collision course with the newly self proclaimed “strongest in the universe” in order to remove him from the equation. Although that declaration alone would have been enough to draw Goku and Vegeta toward him eventually even without the Heeter’s meddling.

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On Dragon Ball Super making Uub important again

I try not to lean too much on Dragon Ball based content on my blog. I feel like I see enough people on Youtube who have made their bread specialising in talking about the franchise. But that doesn’t stop me from thinking about Dragon Ball an awful lot. And while my feelings on the current state of the franchise hang somewhere in the moderate, outside of the areas of extremes, I do have a lot to say when it comes to Dragon Ball.

As that clickbaity post I wrote about the Majin Buu Saga five years ago won’t let me forget, as it keeps topping my analytics.

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