Star Wars: Rebels Revisited – Part 6: Who put this clown in a Darth Vader Costume?

We kick off season 2 of Rebels with a two parter to kick off the dust of the first act. Or maybe not, maybe we need just one more story to be done with Lothal for the near future. Which is why this second series starts off the the two part premier: The Siege of Lothal. Two episodes I’m going to review today.

So this should be a shorter one that means? Right?…

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Star Wars: Rebels Revisited – Part 5: Tutorial Over!

Here we are at the end of season 1. It simultaneously feels like its been five minutes and a thousand years since I started this one. Maybe that’s because I spent ages thinking about starting the series in the months between finishing Clone Wars and starting this one.

And now having finished the first season, I can’t get over this feeling that everything I’ve seen so far is just place setting, establishing the pieces before actually jumping into the meat of the story.

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Wooderon Games of the Year 2017: #9

This year, there were actually a few games that didn’t make it onto my list that I feel kind of bummed I didn’t get a chance to talk about. I could have squeezed this game and Prey off to talk about Battle Chef Brigade or Puyo Puyo Tetris, but I would have just come off as a right stuck up jackass if my GOTY list consisted of a ton of Indie games. I mean, it would have been dishonest… yeah.

At least I didn’t have the same problem I had last year where I was struggling to cobble ten games together worth talking about at all. Don’t get me wrong, I liked XCOM 2 just fine, but I couldn’t get passionate about it. Unless you’re talking pissed off as a type of passion.

Enough Waffle though, I’m going to get on with the list. Like previous years I’ll link the previous numbers in my list before teasing you with a link to see what I gave this entry.

#10: Prey

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