Anime 3 Episode Rule – Summer 2020: UMAYON

I kind of feel like putting these short running show into this segment is cheating. I mean, It’s taken me less than 10 minutes to get through the first three episodes of a show that’s clearly not intended for me as its audience. But hey, trying new things was the whole point of me starting this series. And you never know, this could have awakened my inner Brony I never knew was there.

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Anime 3 Episode Rule – Summer 2020: The Misfit of Demon King Academy

I wasn’t very good at anime during the Spring Season, so I’m making a concerted effort to watch as much as I can squeeze into my schedule this season. And I’m starting off with a show that screams Ecchi Harem from the get go, but doesn’t actually seem to end up going in that direction at all. Much to my own shock, and honestly much to my relief.

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2020 Spring Anime Season Roundup

I’d like to make the excuse that there wasn’t much going on this season due to lockdown and shows getting put on hiatus for a few months as a result. But if I’m being honest, there was a ton of anime out there to watch in reality, I just didn’t make the usual effort to go and try some different things like I had been doing the seasons previous.

That’s on me I guess. Then again, taking a breather for a month might not have been the worst thing. All I feel embarrassed about is how short this post is going to end up being as a result. But it’s all that Clone War’s fault.

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