My Take on the Discourse with Elden Ring

Everyone is talking about Elden Ring. Well, it might be more apt to say everyone is either creaming their jeans over Elden Rings or arguing about it. Despite overwhelming praise from mainstream reviewers, I still find myself unsure what to think about the game and whether I should finally dip my feet into the “SoulsBorne” pool with this game being the body of acid that burn them off.

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Creator’s Intent – Is it more important than video games being for everyone?

When it comes to video games, there is no shortage of people out there telling you that there is a “right way and a “wrong way” to play them. Especially now that watching people or streaming video games yourself has become a common passtime, faceless individuals in chat enforcing their will upon the streamer because they’re not playing “correctly” has become commonplace.

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E3 Week: My Highlights from the Microsoft Xbox Press Conference

After the EA conference felt like a company floundering for something to put on stage, and then subsequently not actually making an effort once the stuff was up there. Microsoft came out like a company with something to prove. True, they are trailing behind Sony and the PS4 in terms of sales and install base, but Microsoft also have their fingers in the PC space, so it’s not like they’re desperate…

I’m not going to break down the entire conference for Microsoft like I did for EA, there was far too much on display here and a lot of it I don’t have a strong opinion about, or there wasn’t simply enough there before jumping to the next thing to say anything about it other than stating it’s a thing. So I’m going to go down my notes and talk about the things I felt the strongest about, in either a positive or negative light. So let’s get started.

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