Revisiting the MCU: The Prodigious Preamble

For some time now, there’s been something that’s been niggling at the back of my mind. A thought that’s been growing in its weight and urgency by the four month period. As my growing collection of Blu-Ray’s stares, disappointingly at me, I feel the need to go back and work my way through them again, right from the beginning.

Revisiting the MCU: The Prodigious Preamble

The problem is; the longer I wait, the more daunting of a task this becomes. As the sheer number of super hero movies movies goes up and up, my desire to consume all of it seems to drop. At this point, the prime MCU movies are the only ones I’m still seeing.

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Captain Marvel – A Perfect Example of the Current MCU

I kind of purposely avoided this topic while it was hot, it felt like there were just too many red hot takes when it came to Captain Marvel. Not only that, but it felt like there were too many people who’d spring loaded themselves to bite the head off anyone who would try and direct some genuine criticism at the movie.

As a result, my review of the movie shortly after seeing it was very levelled. You could call that cowardly if you wanted. I call it me not wanting the hassle. Because being really honest, Captain Marvel is a perfect example of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe; and that is really the biggest problem I have with it.

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The Overreaction to the Video Game Streaming Future

The subject of a video game future that doesn’t involve boxes, be it consoles or PCs, has been increasingly on the cards for some time now, with recent moves from Microsoft obviously leaning in that direction. However with Goggle announcing their Stadia streaming service at the Game Developer’s Conference the other week, it seems all but certain that it is a future we’re heading towards with pace.

The Overreaction to the Video Game Streaming Future

And video game fans seem pretty torn over the whole thing. The idea of being able to access all of the games you could ever want from any device you already own seems pretty enticing. Personally, I am already a big proponent of the Game Pass service Microsoft are running, and planning on expanding.

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