Shonen’s Double Edged Sword – The Great Cast Colander

Shonen is a staple part of any anime fan’s diet, whether you’re super invested in the genre or not. It’s impossible to avoid the larger than life characters, their larger than life adventures and all the pure hype and insane action that comes with these stories of nobodies becoming THEbodies.

But no matter how great the protagonist and their story, no great shonen has been anything without a great supporting cast. And more often than not, these casts: they’re biiiiiig.

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Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 58: Son Goku Arrives

Well, I guess my grand predictions about how this arc was going to play out has hit a little bit of a speed bump right from the get go. But hey, at least things aren’t playing out in a totally predicable manner. For now through, the core of my prediction remains intact. So let’s dig into chapter 58.

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My Hero Academia – Episode 86: Let It Flow! School Festival!

This week’s episode picks up right were last week’s left off. Which, for some reason, comes to a surprise to me. I just assumed we’d just straight to the festival, but we get to see the aftermath of the fight between Gentle and Deku instead as some of the things I said about the characters last week come to some kind of fruition here.

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