Star Wars: Rebels Revisited – Part 22: Ironclad Idiots

Whoa, it’s been a while. I just guess I needed a break from all of this. Not that this is my grand announcement of me being back or anything. I fully expect to continue hardly posting and just getting round to these when I can.

It doesn’t help that my PC is basically dead and so doing all the image work for these post has become absurdly time consuming.

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Does Being a Saiyan really Ruin Goku?

I know I’ve fallen behind when it comes to talking about the most recent chapters of the Dragon Ball Super Manga. But in all honestly, it’s because there hasn’t been a whole lot going on. It’s just been a whole lot of fighting, mixed in with a sort of confused jumping around of the focus character between the three leads of the arc: Granolah, Vegeta and Goku.

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Star Wars: Rebels Revisited – Part 21: Just Like Old Wounds

Both of these episodes feel like they’re throwing back to the Clone Wars show in various ways. Although I feel like my brain has been corrupted by listening to too many hours of intellectuals talking about the politics and real world parallels between the Clone Wars and Post 9/11 American politics.

There has been very little of that in Rebels by comparison. Or maybe I’m just no cleaver enough to spot it all out.

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