Is Nintendo lagging behind in 2021?

Like practically everyone else in the world, I’m playing Metroid Dread right now. At least, that’s what my specifically catered collection of people I follow on Twitter leads me to believe anyway. And whilst happily playing away I had the intrusive thought: It’s not exactly been a banger year for Nintendo has it.

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Star Wars Visions Reviews – Episode 8: Lop & Ochō

Cute bunny girl. Do I need to say anything else? Can’t that just be the review?

These episodes though… as they get later in the series they’re really starting to go harder. Not that The Duel wasn’t a great Lightsaber duel, but between this one and the one before it, these episodes really end on a super impressive combat sequence. That’s Star Wars for you in a nutshell though I suppose.

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Demon Slayer: Season 2 – Episode 1: Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku

I’m going to have to try and remember how I used to write these, it feels like millions and millions of years since I was doing episodic reviews of Demon Slayer. I guess you could call this a practice run though seeing as how the studio decided to incense their fandom by going and spending the first chunk of the season recapping the movie we’ve already seen.


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