Star Wars: Rebels Revisited – Part 11: Well, Excuse me, Princess!

We arrive at the half way point of the first season and feel like things are ticking over at a decent pace as well. It’s weird though, throughout my time watching this series I’ve felt that Rebels might have been building in a particular direction. With the events of one of these episodes it seems like the show has decided to throw its arms up and just cancel one of their storylines before it got going.

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Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 78: Gas’s Wish

This, what I assume to be the climactic battle of this arc, seems pretty predictable to me all things being considered. Which isn’t always a bad thing, but I’m really of two minds with Dragon Ball Super and how by the book it wants to end up being. Toriyama was traditionally a pretty subversive storyteller. But when it comes to the climax of his more recent story arcs, the later in life he gets, the more it feels like we can see it coming.

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Demon Slayer: Season 2 – Episode 5: Move Forward!

After complaining about having to wait a week for an episode, now it feels like this one just came along before I even knew it. This last really week has just flown by. Shame it ended on a really depressing note for me personally. But I’m not going to get into my personal stuff on here. And I’ll do my best not to let it impact my review of this episode of Demon Slayer.

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