Star Wars: The Clone Wars Revisited – Part 47: Yodyssey

Here we are, the final episodes of the Clone Wars. Well, for about six years before the 7th and final season came to us with Disney Plus last year. I wasn’t sure what to expect from these episodes, but it does seem like they were made with them being the final episodes of the series in mind.

My initial suspicion was that they would be acting as some kind of lead up to the events of Revenge of the Sith somehow. But that’s not what we got, instead, we got a more mystical journey starring Yoda as he both discovers and comes to terms with how the Jedi as they currently exist are all but doomed.

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My First Impressions of – Destiny: Beyond Light

In its current format; a new year of Destiny content is always a strong one. Not only are you getting the new annual “expansion”, you’re also getting the beginning of a new season of content. In essence you’re being given two lumps of stuff for the price of one to occupy yourself with. So after spending the previous two seasons of the game experiencing a slow but steady cooling period with the game, Beyond Light has managed to recapture my attention In the exact same way Shadowkeep did in 2019.

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Even Three more of my Favourite Video Game Weapons

Let’s do one more of these shall we. Honestly, I could go on forever, but after a certain point the whole premise of the list goes out of the window and it just turns into me gushing about video game weapons. But I’ll look at the final three weapons I put onto my initial shortlist and then move onto some other kind of list next time.

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