Even Three more of my Favourite Video Game Weapons

Let’s do one more of these shall we. Honestly, I could go on forever, but after a certain point the whole premise of the list goes out of the window and it just turns into me gushing about video game weapons. But I’ll look at the final three weapons I put onto my initial shortlist and then move onto some other kind of list next time.

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Ubisoft: Iteration to Death

Ubisoft has gone from being a publisher and developer I was excited and eager about, into one I feel a sense of utter apathy for. Their games used to be amongst the biggest most exciting releases in a given year for me. And while Ubisoft games certainly are still amongst the most high profile of any released in a given year, as a video game fan I can’t help but feel this lack of enthusiasm for anything they’ve put out in the last few years.

And they’re a company that puts out a lot…

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E3 Week 2019: My Highlights from the Ubisoft Press Conference

Ubisoft always hold the show that brings a theatricality to their stage. While we’ve mostly moved away from the older, cringeier form of press conference that were physically painful to watch, Ubisoft still seem to hold onto those days with some degree of nostalgia. Which I guess I can appreciate.

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