The Teasing Lore of Overwatch

The end of April also marked the end of Overwatch’s latest seasonal event; Retribution. This event was a part of the recently named Archive series of events. A number of times a year, to coincide with particular real world celebrations, Overwatch holds time limited events which introduce new cosmetic items and game modes for its players. Archives are different.

The Archive events are unique because rather celebrate any real world occasion, they’re a focus on a piece of the game’s own lore and backstory in the form of co-operative gameplay style event. In this case, Retribution was the tale of when Overwatch’s black ops unit lost their anonymity and Gabriel Reyes started down the slippery slope that would turn him into “The Reaper”.

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Wooderon Games of the Year 2015: #8

Day three of my game of the year coverage and things start to get a little more meaty.  So far I’ve had one game that I felt was technically strong enough and meant enough to me to make the list and another just looked nice enough that I wanted to recommend it. Now, something completely different again.

Remember, this is my opinion based on the games I played, I’ll be making my apologies for not having the time to play certain games in due time, but for now let’s focus on what I did play. So, I’ll give a recap of the list so far and then move onto the new entry:

#10 Halo 5: Guardians

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