Wooderon’s favourite Video Games of 2019 – #6

Today’s game is one I can’t seem to go a year without talking about in some from come these ends of year celebrations. I’m aware this is my person list and I’m free to put whatever the hell I want into it, but I am a weird sticker for my own rules when it comes to posts like these. And it pains me to break these rules when it happens.

Either way, this is a game I spent significant time with this year and I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight it and give it the attention it deserves.

(Link to lists so far)

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Can You Really Say More With Silence: Part 3 – A Sudden Change in Heart

I hadn’t initially intended on writing this at all, in fact this whole thing about silent protagonists in video games was only ever intended to be a single part, but it kept ballooning in size to the point there I felt I had to break it into parts.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about; In Part 1: I talk about how the Legend of Zelda and Metroid both took different approaches as time and technology grew, and in Part 2: I spoke about how the trend feels really dated when it pops up in modern, story driven RPGS.

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Destiny 2 – Why I sided against the Drifter

I know it’s been mere days since my last post about Destiny, but as of yesterday, the next story step of the Season of the Drifter became available. One that is pretty unique as far as Destiny content goes, in that to forces you into making a permanent choice between two factions. (Warning: this post contains me droning about Destiny Lore)

This choice is based around a growing unease between the Praxic Order of warlocks; a sect as traditional as a guardian can get, and the Drifter; everyone’s new favourite roguish scoundrel. While the true scope of this decision point is yet to be revealed, or even if it is a far reaching as Bungie claim, there isn’t much for player to base their decision on.

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