Returning to Mass Effect

Kinda recently, Mass Effect 2 and 3 caught up to their older brother and finally got themselves backwards comparable with the Xbox One. And with a new game in the series on the horizon, when would there ever be a better time for me to refresh my memory and return to two of the games that defined what I thought to the best video game storytelling during the Xbox 360/PS3 era.

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November 7th: The day of the Shepard

Saturday was N7 day, an arbitraruy reason for Bioware to celebrate their greatest creation: Mass Effect. Bioware built up to the day by asking people what they were going to do during this landmark date. Personally, I spent the day playing Halo 5, not because I dislike Mass Effect, it’s just a three year old game at this point

While the day didn’t amount to much more than Bioware drawing attention to themveslves and a messege recorded by Jennifer Hale in a passing of the torch type deal, it did get me thinking about Mass Effect and how damn good it was. I’ve always been able to forgive a bad story if a game had good gameplay, Mass Effect was almost the exact opposite of that. It had one of the best video game stories in anything I’ve ever played.


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