Mass Effect: Citadel is just a whole lot of fun

Some time back, after a prior revisitation into the Mass Effect Trilogy, I wrote a post on here talking about the Leviathan DLC for Mass Effect 3 and how it actively reduced the mystique and unknowable sense of inevitable doom around the series’ antagonists: The Reapers. Playing through all the expanded content again as a part of the Legendary Collection this past month, my feelings haven’t changed all that much.

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Returning to Mass Effect – Legendary Edition: Mass Effect 3

The commonly jumped to conclusion regarding Mass Effect Trilogy is that the third one is the bad one. Regardless of the reasoning or actual truth behind that statement, there was such a fiasco over the ending of the game back when it first came out that Bioware actually had to apologise about is and then go back and “fix” it.

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Mass Effect 3’s Leviathan: Losing the Fear of the Unknown

Every year or so, during a dry release spell, I find myself drawn back to the old favourites. You could call it my gaming comfort food. And there is no series out there more “entire pack of chocolate hobnobs” than the Mass Effect Trilogy. When I start a new Mass Effect run, I tend to fall down into a bit of a void of time and attention. I have such huge admiration for these handful of games, even more so since Andromeda came out.

And subsequently killed the franchise off.

My current session found me going back to the Mass Effect 3 DLCs, pieces of content I didn’t have a hugely clear memory of in comparison to the rest of the game. Specifically, I want to get into Leviathan; the first piece of post release story DLC for Mass Effect 3. At the time, I remember being amazed at this additional story that added a new, powerful and mysterious race into the equation that could level the playing field against the Reapers.

Today, I feel like the inclusion of Leviathan does nothing but devalue the entire lore experience around it.

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