Wooderon’s Favourite Anime of 2019 – #7

This is the week I’ve been dreading, I’m doing the seven days leading up to Christmas at work back to back. I just need to hope my prep work was enough that I can keep getting these uploads done in a timely manner.

All I really left myself to do on the day is write these little intros, and I’m already struggling with that. So Apologies if the next few days are bearly eyed nonsense. Today’s anime however is a show that kicks you in the teeth if you even think about bieng tired for it, so let’s just get into it.

Click here by the way if you want to see my top ten anime and video game lists so far.

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IT: Chapter 2 Falls into familiar horror pitfalls

2007’s IT was a revelation in mainstream horror for me. For the longest time, I felt horror had been completely relegated to the status of sub-genre, destined to be nothing but shlock and budget attempts at recapturing the genre’s past glory at best. Never would I imagine it would find itself getting the budget and attention of the typical summer blockbuster. The question was; whether the sequel to that movie would be able to maintain that kind of momentum.

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Demon Slayer – Episode 18: A Forged Bond

I spent the last post talking about how much I’d grown to like Zenitsu after really not being a big fan based on his introduction. I ended by saying that the show just needed to make me like Inosuke a little more. Well, as if knowing I’d say that, we get an episode that does glean a little more into the Boar Boy’s history and character.

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