Can we still accept regular old video game remakes?

Of all the hotly debated topics surrounding the early days of the previous console generation, there was one trend that started happened so often that people eventually stopped getting mad about it and began accepting it as a normal occurrence of the industry. Today, nobody bats an eye when a publisher comes out and announced yet one more video game remake.

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I Love that Final Fantasy VII Remake might not actually be a Remake

I’ve been thinking about the Final Fantasy VII Remake a lot this past week, even having finished it already. Playing through the remake, which I’ve spoken about glowingly already on my blog, I realised that it changed a great many things from the original. The most jarring of which could have been its ending, which is about as out of left field as anything could have been in what was supposed to have been a remake.

So yeah, I’m going to be going into spoilers for this post. Just in case that’s an issue.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake – Excellence in Excess

I finally finished the Final Fantasy VII remake toward the end of last week. It was a moment I had been dreading, because I have being really enjoying coming back to this total reimagining of the well-loved Playstation game from the late 90s, despite not really having that strong a nostalgic tie to it. But having read a lot of hot takes on Twitter; maybe that’s for the best.

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