Wooderon Games of the Year 2016: #3


I didn’t actually forget to post this earlier. I was just really busy. Really busy playing Titanfall. I had the thing written out already I swear. All I needed to do was add an image or two and click upload. It doesn’t matter, I still have a couple of hours to spare. Here’s number 3.

#10: Gears of War 4

#9: XCOM 2

#8: Forza Horizon 3

#7: Titanfall 2

#6: Ratchet & Clank

#5: Inside

#4: Firewatch Continue reading “Wooderon Games of the Year 2016: #3”

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Hopes and expectations

In January of 2013 I wrote an article listing features and changes to the established series I’d like to see in the then recently announced Pokemon X & Y. A lot of the things I listed came true in some form or another, while others were conspicuously absent. In hindsight X and Y were still fantastic continuations of the series, taking it to the obvious and inevitable next level on the 3DS.


With the recent announcement of Pokemon Sun and Moon, what we’re all expecting to be the 7th generation of Pokemon games, I have a whole new slew of hopes and expectations for the new games, some of them build on the surprises given to us by the last games, other based on the few failings of them. Continue reading “Pokemon Sun and Moon: Hopes and expectations”