Wooderon Games of the Year 2016: #7

So tired. Don’t have will to make words for opening paragraph. Games, opinions, deal with it.


#10: Gears of War 4

#9: XCOM 2

#8: Forza Horizon 3

#7: Titanfall 2

Played on Xbox One | Released 28th October | Developed by Respawn Entertainment

It’s funny. I stopped playing the first Titanfall a few years ago when Destiny came out, a undeserving casualty of my new obsession. Now; Titanfall 2 is the game that finally put the nail in Destiny’s coffin, making realise that my time with that game was finally over. Weird how things work out.


Titanfall 2 is everything I wanted out of a sequel to Respawn’s middle finger to the Call of Duty franchise. While the first game was a lot of fun and brought a fluidity and faster pace to shooters we weren’t used to seeing at the time, it was still very flawed, being only an online competitive shooter with no story and limited game modes. Titanfall 2 remedies all those problems and then some.

First off the the campaign, which the first game, might I say again, just didn’t have. While the contents of the story isn’t anything to praise up high about on its own, there are a ton of things that make it worth playing. First thing I want to praise about it is just how diverse the campaign is, having mechanics come and go that keep the levels constantly fresh. One stage has you in a destroyed instillation, with a device that allows you to travel from the past to the present at any time, most often to give yourself a tactical advantage or traverse sections of the map that only exist in one of the timelines.

Another stage takes place in some huge fabrication factory, in which you must make your way through the largest production line ever. Running along the walls of entire buildings as the factory produces entire towns. The final stages of the game go to even weirder places.

Another bright point of the game are the cast, namely the villains who are all hilariously over the top. It feels like Respawn really wanted to keep the game fun and not let it get dragged down into an overly serious “realistic” military story like the Call of Duty. As a result the game feels a lot lighter, despite the stakes and has a good sense of humour about itself.


The other major character highlight for me was your titan who accompanies you throughout the story: BT-7274. Despite being a coldly logical robot, he has some delightful banter with the protagonist throughout and grows as a character much more then the player character. If anything BT is the main character of the story, and the player is just along because he needs a pilot.

I’d recommend Titanfall 2 for the campaign alone, but it also has its returning multiplayer, which continues to be fantastic also. Building on the previous game, the player has many more weapons and abilities to pick from all of which are far more diverse and pretty creative than the previous game. Including a fan nosed shotgun, a energy pulse rifle and a sniper rifle that shoots two rounds parallel to one another: it’s a terrible gun, but full marks for creativity.

Also the Titans have changed from the previous game, rather than picking a frame and then loading it out with weapons and abilities; there are now more titans that are pretty set in their function, but as a result they all work in very different ways, making them all very different play styles.

Titanfall 2 is a fantastic game and should be played, it’s poor sales are not deserved at all.

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