My favourite musical moments in video games

I’m not all that musically inclined. I can’t sing that well, and I’d rather spend my quiet times listening to podcasts than music on my headphones. But even I am not deaf to how important and impactful music can be when contributing towards a moment in a movie or a video game. A well executed moment with the appropriate piece of music can make a good moment great and a great moment stick in your mind for years to come.

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E3 Week 2019: My Highlights from the Nintendo Direct

I am always secretly the most excited for whatever Nintendo have to announce during E3. They’re the only company that can truly inspire a childlike excitement from me in what they could announce. And seeing as how Nintendo are the only company not really in the between console stage right now, you’d hope they have a lot to say this year.

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Can you really say more with Silence: Part 1 – Different approaches with Link and Samus

This is a topic I touched upon once before, a long time ago. When I was writing for various other websites. However, when looking back at my past stuff, I realised that the original article had been lost to time, and expiring domains. Which is quite fortuitous as it turns out. As there have been a few games on my radar that have brought this topic up again in my mind and I can talk about it again without fear of plagiarising myself.

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