Wooderon’s favourite Video Games of 2019 – #8

It occurs to me that I wrote an entire preface to this year’s end of year post series, and then in all the rush of my stupid working schedule, I ended up forgetting to post it. For the most part it was me talking about how I’ve seen basically no new movies this year and how my gaming habits have changed once again.

Today’s game is a little more old school in the regard that it’s not an online, it’s not a live game. Instead it’s a narrative driven action game that bears more than a few telltale marks that makes it very recognisable as coming from the developer it comes from. Which is always nice, there is only so much room for live games in my life.

To see my top ten anime and video games lists so far, then look no further than this little link.

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My favourite musical moments in video games

I’m not all that musically inclined. I can’t sing that well, and I’d rather spend my quiet times listening to podcasts than music on my headphones. But even I am not deaf to how important and impactful music can be when contributing towards a moment in a movie or a video game. A well executed moment with the appropriate piece of music can make a good moment great and a great moment stick in your mind for years to come.

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Control is a love letter to both conspiracy culture and Remedy themselves

I’m not entirely sure why I have such a reverence for Remedy Entertainment. I don’t have any strong nostalgic connection to Max Payne, Quantum Break was a big old mess and I feel like I probably enjoyed Alan Wake a lot more than most people did. It’s difficult to argue with the fact, though, that Control is probably the best video game to come out of the studio thus far.

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