Wooderon’s Favourite Video Games of 2020 – #2

These last few days of the year seem like they’re going on forever. I wish so much that 2021 could be like a big reset, but I know in my heart that the first quarter of next year is just going to be more of the same.
If anything, the whole “* year was the worst year” sentiment seems to apply to every year this past decade. It makes me wonder if we’re doomed to have everything suck from now on.

Not exactly the celebratory tone I wanted these best of year posts to carry really. But that’s the mood of 2020, isn’t it. So let’s cheer ourselves up by talking about some happy animals for a while.

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The truth of Animal Crossing’s busy work has just slapped me in the face

Da I was always wary of getting into Animal Crossing, because I knew just how hard I would fall into it. I know what I’m like and I knew Animal Crossing would become all consuming for weeks or months after picking it up. Which is exactly how it turned out when it came out back in March. Now though, just four months removed, the burning hot intensity with which I played that game is been reduced to ash, scattered to the wind.

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Creator’s Intent 2 – A first timer’s approach to playing Animal Crossing

In the last part of this series I started off by making an effort to take a middle ground in the issue of inclusiveness vs. the integrity of the creator, mainly during the discussion on the issue of difficult games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. I failed, taking a pretty defined stance on the issue than I had intended by the time I was finished writing it. Getting into it so much so that I never got around to talking about the other point I wanted to touch upon; Animal Crossing.

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