Tower of God – Episode 4: The Green April

I wasn’t originally intending to do episodic reviews of any shows this season, but what with My Hero Academia over, I needed something new to occupy this slot, or I would when I used to have more structure to my weekly uploads. These day I’m just chucking stuff up whenever. I mean, you’re getting a Saturday upload this week. It’s outa control!

Today, I’m going to talk a little more in depth about episode 4 of pretty much the only new seasonal anime still airring, and pull my hair out as I keep asking I’m not sure are meant to be asked of Tower of God.

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Fire Force – Episode 4: The Hero and the Princess

Y’know, when this started, I was not expecting Fire Force to become a show about corrupt corporations and uncovering government conspiracies. With all the religious overtones and fantasy trappings of the characters and the setting, at the very least I can praise it’s capacity to surprise me.

In this episode, we really start to get into the weeds of Special Fire Force Company 8’s role within the greater Fire Force, and see just how this rag-tag, underfunded operation have a seemingly impossible role in comparison to the other seven companies that precede them.

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Mob Psycho 100 -Season 2: Episode 4 – Inside ~Evil Spirit~ Review

Could we have finally met with a foe that even Mob’s overwhelming strength cannot deal with, or a vision of what Mob could potentially become if he continues down the train of thought that has been posed to him these past few weeks.

Mob Psycho 100 -Season 2: Episode 4 – Inside ~Evil Spirit~ Review

this week’s episode begins with Reigen and Mob on their way to a rich patrons mansion, with the yen signs alight in Reigen’s eyes. As they arrive, they find the place filled with every esper, psychic, crook and kook from miles around as the owner begs them all to purge the evil spirit that is in possession of his daughter.

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