2020 Summer Anime Season Roundup

This summer season of anime has been a little more filled out than the previous Spring one was. What with the global pandemic and all that putting a lot of production on hold and leaving Spring rather sparse. A by-product of this situation being that a number of the anime due out last season found their way into the Summer rotation instead.

More anime, as it turns out, that I could find the time to watch. But I still watched a bunch and it’s time for my seasonal catch-up of what I got through during the Summer Anime Season.

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The God of High School shows you can’t build a show on hype alone

I want to like The God of High School, I really do. But if I’m real honest with myself, I think I’ve just fallen victim to the jangling keys dilemma; in that the show looks so pretty at face value that I kind of want to ignore all of the other issues it has. Issues it has in excess when it comes to pretty much everything else about it.

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What the hell was The God of High School Episode 4?

I never intended to write episodic reviews of any of the shows I’m watching this season, but after seeing episode four of God of High School, I couldn’t help myself but come on here and comment on what a weird, out of left field episode this ended up being. So I feel like this post is going to descend into more of a rant than proper review. So if you adored “marriage/bonds” for some reason, prepare to be triggered.

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