3 Episode (and an OVA) Rule – Noblesse

As it turns out, The anime adaptation I decided to started watching for this was a sequel to the OVA Noblesse: Awakening, which I kind of feel like a dope for not realising beforehand, especially when the events depicted were obviously following from a story already told. But anime is weird and sometimes you don’t realise these things unless they’re outright stated to you. Guess I’m stupid and this entire series has fallen on its arse. But I watched the damned thing, so I might as well talk about it.

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2020 Summer Anime Season Roundup

This summer season of anime has been a little more filled out than the previous Spring one was. What with the global pandemic and all that putting a lot of production on hold and leaving Spring rather sparse. A by-product of this situation being that a number of the anime due out last season found their way into the Summer rotation instead.

More anime, as it turns out, that I could find the time to watch. But I still watched a bunch and it’s time for my seasonal catch-up of what I got through during the Summer Anime Season.

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The God of High School shows you can’t build a show on hype alone

I want to like The God of High School, I really do. But if I’m real honest with myself, I think I’ve just fallen victim to the jangling keys dilemma; in that the show looks so pretty at face value that I kind of want to ignore all of the other issues it has. Issues it has in excess when it comes to pretty much everything else about it.

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