Wooderon’s Favourite Anime of 2020 – Complete List

For Archival purposes, I thought it might be a good idea to compile my entire top ten lists from 2020 into a single post. Just to make it easier for people to go back and look at them after the fact. So, without any more fluff, here are my favourite 10 anime I watched from 2020 in 2020.

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Wooderon’s Favourite Anime of 2020 – #1

I’ve watched a lot of anime this year. Maybe to the detriment of other aspects of my life. I know I sure watched a lot less western television as a result, and maybe played fewer video games too. It’s enough that I feel like I need a break from it for at least one season. But regret it? Not a chance. While it hasn’t been the most amazing year for anime, there have still been at least ten shows this year that I loved enough to talk about them on this list.

And for anyone that’s been keeping up with my blog throughout the year, I have to wonder how much this top pick will come as a surprise to them or not.

(Click this link to see the archive of entries so far)

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2020 Summer Anime Season Roundup

This summer season of anime has been a little more filled out than the previous Spring one was. What with the global pandemic and all that putting a lot of production on hold and leaving Spring rather sparse. A by-product of this situation being that a number of the anime due out last season found their way into the Summer rotation instead.

More anime, as it turns out, that I could find the time to watch. But I still watched a bunch and it’s time for my seasonal catch-up of what I got through during the Summer Anime Season.

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