Moriarty The Patriot and the Importance of the Rival

Of all the anime I’ve been watching this season, there’s only one that has really intrigued me. Which is rather fitting considering that intrigue is the name of the game when it comes to Moriarty the Patriot. Despite enjoying watching the first five episodes, it still felt like there was something missing. Moriarty had quickly been painted as this near omnipotent mastermind, but there’s only so long he can be on top before things become stale.

He needed someone to challenge him, someone to rival him.

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3 Episode Rule – Moriarty the Patriot

3 Episode Rule is a series in which I watch the first three episodes of a new anime and decide whether to stick with it or drop it based on those three episodes alone.

Man, where have all these anime been all year? I’ve been bemoaning how sparse the offerings have been all year and now the fall season seems like the quarter that just keeps on giving. And once again I’m here; thankful I forgot to cancel that Funimation subscription six months ago.

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