2021 Spring Anime Season Roundup

Was this a good anime season? I feel like I lagged behind pretty much the whole thing and had to go back to catch up on pretty much everything after the fact. Although maybe that was more of a case of me not having enough time to do pretty much anything these days. All in all, I feel like I still got a fair bit of anime watching in there. Even if I wasn’t talking about it on a weekly basis

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My Hero Academia – My thoughts on the Joint Training Arc

A little late to the party, but I feel like I should really give my thoughts before I get left in the dust with this series. I am still watching a bunch of anime, despite what my relative silence on my blog would imply otherwise. It’s just a matter of me playing catch up.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Revisited – Part 43: The Trouble with Ahsoka

This series of episodes almost feel like it could be a series finale, let alone a season finale. We’re talking about the final four episodes of season five and what were, for a while at least, the final appearances of Ahsoka Tano. That was until Disney brought her back as one of the leading figures of their new Star Wars franchise.

And these, are some damn good episodes too. It’s a shame Disney made a real boneheaded decision to cancel this show when they first acquired Star Wars from Lucasfilm, because this season has been the best of the lot overall. Both in terms of animation quality and the level of storytelling.

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