My experience as a supermarket manager and dealing with Coronavirus

These past two weeks have been such an incredibly frustrating time for me. Everyone in the world has seen their daily lives changed somehow by the public health crisis we’re facing with COVID-19, and as a manager in a major supermarket, I have had a front row seat the ridiculous reactionary behaviour of the general public. And quite frankly; it’s just gets me so mad.

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Bungie Reveal Destiny: Forsaken

As if to keep their momentum going, Bungie put out a pre-recorded live stream in which their revealed their new expansion that’ll come out in September as the game rolls into its second year: Destiny Forsaken. I watched the stream a couple of times and thought I’d give my impressions considering I’m in a pretty deep Destiny hole right now.

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Call of Duty gives up on single player campaign

What’s this, an unscheduled post?! Unthinkable. None too long ago, I wrote a piece talking about The Decline of the Halo Series. During that post I touched upon Call of Duty and how that franchise was the series that kicked Halo from the pedestal it sat atop for so many years. It seems like that time of transition is once again here, this time for Call of Duty.

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