Blogger’s Pain 2: The urge to be contradictory

Here we have yet another topic brought about by me spending far more time than is healthy looking at social media. Having little better to do right now than just read Twitter endlessly, I am reminded that people seem to love arguing with one another. To the point where oftentimes they don’t even believe half of the stuff they’re saying.

You could call them trolls, they might believe themselves to be playing devil’s advocate. Honestly, I think some people’s brains have broken to the point where they just want to disagree with people for no real reason. I know I’ve been guilty of it, when I’m in a bad mood and I just want to find fault in everything I read.

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My experience as a supermarket manager and dealing with Coronavirus

These past two weeks have been such an incredibly frustrating time for me. Everyone in the world has seen their daily lives changed somehow by the public health crisis we’re facing with COVID-19, and as a manager in a major supermarket, I have had a front row seat the ridiculous reactionary behaviour of the general public. And quite frankly; it’s just gets me so mad.

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