Shonen’s Double Edged Sword 2 – Undermining the Underdog Story

I was listening to Podcasts, trawling for good blog ideas to steal as you do, when the topic of shows outgrowing their initial premise came up. The example used was based on a concern that My Hero Academia could go in the same direction as Naruto did and end up forgetting the story it set out to tell in the first place; that of the underdog.

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My Hero Academia – Episode 88: His Start – Season 4 Finale

While I don’t share the feeling I’ve read from people online; claiming that My Hero Academia has been on a steady decline since the second season, I feel it really took a while for me to connect to what was happening during this 4th season, and for it to find its feet. By the time it was over though, I was fully back under the series’s spell and looking forward to whatever might come next for the kids of U.A.

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My Hero Academia – Episode 87: Japanese Hero Billboard Chart

It’s weird, before watching this episode, I was really curious as to how much time had passed exactly since Midoriya had acquired One for All. Luckily for me, episode 87 opens by answering exactly that question for me. It’s November, and so in these past four seasons of anime, only 7 months have passed since Deku inherited All Might’s power.

I’d kind of considered the kid a slow starter, especially since his mentor seemed to have mastered the power of one for all right from the get go. But considering how little time the kid has had to get used to this life changing power, he’s making some pretty impressive progress. He’s gone from blubbering mess to almost singlehandedly taking down a crime boss within the space of a year.

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