My Hero Academia – Episode 81: School Festival

My Hero does the slice of life I enjoy better than nearly any other shonen show I can think of. As we enter the perpetration for the much talked about school festival, we’re introduced to a new villain who seems to be intent on gatecrashing this school event, with all the flair and drama befitting a man called Gentle Criminal.

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My Hero Academia – Episodes 79 & 80: Really digging into a post All Might World

Apologies for the lateness of this one, but my job has made finding time for blogging exceedingly difficult these past couple of months and I can only catch up on my days off. Which also happen to be the days I’m totally dead on my feet from work. I’ll try to do better going forward. But updates are going to be a little more sporadic for the foreseeable future.

After moaning that I wanted something a little more lighthearted out of My Hero, we got two episodes back to back that did just that, and kind of bored me as a result. I fear I’m turning into one of those impossible to please ‘fans’, but while the actual content of the episodes was enough to stop me writing an individual episode review, the message behind them is really what caught my attention.

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My Hero Academia – Episode 78: Smouldering Flames

I wrote a piece about the Shie Hassaikai Arc of My Hero Academia not too long ago, mostly lamenting the more serious tone of the arc and it’s lack of the fun that made me fall in love with the show in the first place. Well, right away this new opening for the next part of the series kind of seems like its specifically going out of its way contradict everything that I said in that last post.

Not that I’m complaining.

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