Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 56: Warriors of Earth Assemble

We’re fast approaching the finale of a Dragon Ball arc, so that means we’re in no better position but to have another rousing round of waiting foe Goku to show up. It’s a tried and tested trope of the genre that isn’t going anywhere, but what’s this? For a change it seems like the warriors of Earth are actually holding their own.

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My Thoughts on: Pocket City

Me playing a video game on my phone is a rarity, finding one I actually feel strongly enough to talk about on here is even rarer. It’s partially because Apple doesn’t make phones that have batteries that can realistically support video games. The other reason is because there is a culture and design ethos behind the platform that incentives insidious business strategy over making a game of any genuine quality.

My Thoughts on: Pocket City

Which isn’t to say there aren’t mobile games that can have redeemable qualities, it’s why I decided to talk about Pocket City, a nice little title that took me for two week whirl.

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