Mid-Week Review: Attack on Titan – Episode 44: “Wish”

I spoke last week about how I was frustrated by anime latching itself onto the tired trope of bloodlines being the all important factor in why things happen. Historia being the one who carries the Reiss bloodline, thus is capable of knowing the true history of the Titans. I liked that she turned her back on that.

Although I wouldn’t be too shocked if Erin end up accessing the memories and abilities anyway through some upcoming plot contrivance.

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Mid-Week Review: Attack on Titan – Episode 43: “Sin”

You know what I’m getting tired of seeing in media: People whose fate and abilities are tied to their bloodlines. It’s one of the things I enjoyed about the new Star Wars trilogy so far, that they’ve turned way from these old cliches. Anime, apparently, still can’t get enough of it.

Mid-Week Review: Attack on Titan – Episode 43: “Sin”

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My Thoughts on: Pocket City

Me playing a video game on my phone is a rarity, finding one I actually feel strongly enough to talk about on here is even rarer. It’s partially because Apple doesn’t make phones that have batteries that can realistically support video games. The other reason is because there is a culture and design ethos behind the platform that incentives insidious business strategy over making a game of any genuine quality.

My Thoughts on: Pocket City

Which isn’t to say there aren’t mobile games that can have redeemable qualities, it’s why I decided to talk about Pocket City, a nice little title that took me for two week whirl.

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