Dragon Ball Super – Chapter 47 Review: Stolen Dragon Balls

The madmen went and did it, something I would have never expected to see: They made Majin Buu relevant again.

When this arc started, with Goku and Vegeta joining the Galactic Patrol, I thought there was going to be more of a planet hopping aspect to the story, but as it turns out, we’re going to be spending a bit more time on Namek.

Since the last issue, Moro has collected all but one of the Dargon Balls, the final one being in possession of the Namekians who’re nursing Goku and Vegeta back to health. Conveniently, for the first time ever, Goku doesn’t have the energy to use Instant Transmission, which has never been an issue for him before.

But honestly, Goku being able to take the Dragon Ball far, off-planet is too perfect of a solution which would undermine the drama of this issue. Plus, I suppose you could argue that, as long as the Saiyans are on the same planet as Moro, his energy draining magic prevents them from being able to recover their power.

While not the most action packed chapter, there were some pretty interesting character moments for me. The main one of which was Vegeta and his continued search for some kind of forgiveness from the Namekians regarding his actions against their race during his time on their first planet, during the original Freeza Arc of Dragon Ball Z.

It obviously weighs on his mind, which is a testament to the change in Vegeta’s character that has been amongst my favourite aspects of the Super story line. He wants to make amends to the people he wronged, which really makes me hope he will have a bigger role in the eventual defeat of Moro, he obviously has more at stake here than Goku does from a character development perspective.

Goku and Vegeta resign themselves to a doomed attack on the space warlock as he approaches. But are interrupted by the arrival of the Galactic Patrol before they can do so. Meerus continues to show his insane levels of competency, despite not being a fighter anywhere near Goku or Vegeta (in theory) using a combination of tactic and technology to subdue Moro in a way nobody else would have been able to manage.

It’s only a temporary measure though as the Patrol reveal their ace in the hole: Majin Buu. Who has been woken up finally and had the memories of the previous Supreme Kai restored to him, conveniently off panel.

Which raises a lot of interesting questions as to the actual nature of Majin Buu since his split from the original evil Buu back in Z, and how much of his personality is now just the old “Lord of Lords”. It’s not something I ever thought about before. I just assumed, like when Buu absorbed Gotenks, Piccolo and then Gohan during Z, he was just drawing on the traits of the people contained within him.

Maybe there is more to the connection between this Buu and the old Kai than I’d thought.

Enough of that though, because the fight begins between Buu and Moro. Shockingly, through either Buu’s own magical nature, or the knowledge of the old Kaioshin, Buu is completely immune to Moro’s energy absorption, and is the only person able to stand up to Moro in the current situation. I never thought I’d see Majin Buu contributing to a story in any meaning full way ever again.

The chapter ends with Buu beating the crap out of Moro.

I don’t know if it’s because Toriyama doesn’t have to worry about drawing it anymore, or is Toyataro is having more of an influence on the story than we thought, but I’m a huge fan of how this arc seems to be making the absolute most out of Dragon Ball’s storied history, actually taking prior events into account and building upon them. Rather than just charging forward and never looking back, as is the habit.

And Majin Buu being relevant again? Inconceivable! There is even potential of a future here with the re-emergence of the previous Supreme Kai from within him. Because Zeno only knows how bad at his job Shin is, maybe he could use some more competition for his position.

The most interesting thing about this chapter is the potential of what might come. The current state of Majin Buu and Vegeta’s personal mission to gather some kind of redemption for the mistakes of his past are both intriguing to me. I hope more and more that now the Manga is dictating the story more, that we can get to a point of things growing and changing for the franchise.

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