Game Pass: The Gift that keeps on Giving – Indivisible

It’s increasingly rare that a video game I know next to nothing about will just pop out of nowhere and steal a few weeks of my life away from me. That’s probably a good thing considering how bad I’ve become at keeping a schedule on this website. But thanks to Xbox Game Pass; the gift that keeps on giving, I stumbled upon a game from Lab Zero Games that grabbed me up and kept my interest: Indivisible.

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Outer Wilds showed me how to stop relying on Video Game shorthand

Every so often, a video game will come around that will turn your expectations upside down and leave you spinning. So much so that you end up coming away from the experience confused, dissatisfied or disappointed. Through no fault of the game itself not it’s developers, rather you let your experience be shaded by what you bring with you. Outer Wilds almost became that game for me.

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Void Bastards – What is a Roguelike?

Making video games is hard, time consuming (and sometimes thankless) work. Now, more so than ever. Smaller scale, indie developers are in an especially tricky place, expected to make games of a comparable scale to AAA titles, with a fraction of a fraction of the resources. In these cases, the idea of making a “Roguelike” seems like the perfect cheat to get around this.

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