Star Wars Visions Reviews – Episode 7: The Elder

Y’know, I have a feeling that part of the reason Trigger got to make two episodes in this series was that they were contractually obliged to make the most “Trigger” thing possible when the made The Twins. The payoff being that they would be able to make this episode as a result. Because this one… this one really did something for me.

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Star Wars Visions Reviews – Episode 3: The Twins

Now this is the kind of utter nonsense I was expecting when I heard there was going to be an anime/Star Wars collaboration project. And leave it to Studio Trigger to dive head first into turning Star Wars into just about the most anime thing I think I might have ever seen. Then again, there has always been something a little “extra” about Trigger and the shows they produce.

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SSSS: Dynazenon and the Gridman Shared Universe Review

SSSS: Gridman was one of my surprise favourite anime back in 2018. Studio Trigger is one of those creators who are always worth keeping an eye on, and their anime original series give me the unique experience of watching a new anime without knowing full well there is a bit of source material out there that could spoilt everything for me.

The result of this was that I came into SSSS: Dynazenon with a set of pretty specific expectations of the series based on both my knowledge of Trigger and the direction Gridman ended up going. A piece of hypocrisy that really ended up biting me in the backside once this series was over.

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