Star Wars Visions Reviews – Episode 3: The Twins

Now this is the kind of utter nonsense I was expecting when I heard there was going to be an anime/Star Wars collaboration project. And leave it to Studio Trigger to dive head first into turning Star Wars into just about the most anime thing I think I might have ever seen. Then again, there has always been something a little “extra” about Trigger and the shows they produce.

The Twins is the third short in the Star Wars Visions project and, as I already said, produced by Trigger. Who seem to be just about everywhere these days. Putting their fingers in so many pies.

If The Duel was a twisting of established Star Wars lore into fitting within a historical Japanese context, The Twins takes the characters from the original Star Wars Trilogy and smashes them to pieces, putting all the pieces back together in a near unrecognisable form.

It introduces to Karre and Am; twin Imperial leaders created using dark side alchemy. They’re both encased in Darth Vader looking armour and command duel Star Destroyers, connected by a Death Star-like superweapon in the middle.

Kaare; the very Luke Skywalker looking brother of the pair steals the Kyber Crystal core of the weapon, betraying the Empire he was created to service. He is quickly confronted by his much more severe (and decidedly un-Leia looking) sister Am.

Which quickly leads the most ridiculous duel between the siblings atop the hull of their Star Destroyers. Honestly, I have a feeling Trigger just went out with the intention of making this fight most stupid, over the top Star Wars anime fight they possibly could. And they succeed in spades.

Outside of the fact that these two can just breathe and talk in space apparently, the episode takes some major liberties with how Lightsabers work. Turning them into Lightwhips on a whim, giving Am a suit that just has Lightsabers coming out of everywhere and overcharging Kaare’s Lightsaber to make it as big as a captial ship.

All culminating in him combining his attack with his X-Wing going into hyperspace to cleave the Destroyer and the dark side armour that’s killing his sister in half. Man, it’s so stupid, but it’s just so much fun.

It’s a great looking episode, taking Trigger’s classic simple character design and using it to create some fantastic visual action sequences. And that’s what the Twins is; all style. Style turned up to 11. To the point where it’s not really trying to tell a serious story in any regard. Its characters are just combinations of existing characters and between the incredibly cliché lines and numerous on the nose classic Star Wars quotes. They knew what they were doing here. They were just having some fun.

And despite everything I just said, I was left wanting more. I’d happily watch more of this Trigger version of anime Star Wars. Although I’m not sure it could keep up the pace.

Between this and The Duel, there seems to be a real love for making stories about reformed Sith amongst the anime studios being given the opportunity to make these shorts. And I love both of them, albeit for totally different reasons.

The Twins was definitely the most anime of the three episodes I’ve seen so far, and given that it’s from Trigger I don’t think anyone is going to outdo them in that regard either.

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