Why I feel the need to watch Evangelion, despite not wanting to

Initially, the premise of this article was going to be all about why I didn’t really want to go back and watch Eva. It would have been a bunch of half-hearted complaints about a show half-remembered. I came to the wise conclusion that apathy probably wasn’t a good bases for an article.

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Pacific Rim Uprising might not be what you think

I can’t think of a more unlikely sequel than Pacific Rim Uprising. As much as I liked Guillermo Del Toro’s foray into bringing his childhood to the big screen, Pacific Rim never felt like it lit the world on fire after the pretty aggressive hype train leading up to its release. The fact that it got a sequel at all is pretty astounding. It’s only when you start to delve into the production behind the upcoming movie that you realise how little in common it actually has to the original cult favourite.

Before I start telling you how Uprising is different, I need to talk a little about the first Pacific Rim. Just to contextualise why this sequel might not be what you expect, something that a lot of people might have wildly different feelings about considering the divided opinion on the that 2013 summer blockbuster.

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