E3 Week 2019: My Highlights from the Bethesda Press Conference

Last year was pretty grim viewing for Bethesda. They had a lot of big names, but nothing to show for them. The only game they did have any significant time invested in was Fallout 76, which was a game that, by all account, was a disaster befitting its franchise’s name.

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Wooderon Games of the Year 2017: #7

Do you want to know what game was cool as hell this year: Nioh. It’s baby Dark Souls with a Japanese mythology setting and Samurai combat. Do you want to know what game was still too hard for me and stopped me playing it despite how cool I thought it was: Bloodborne.

But I had the same issue with Nioh. It’s a really cool game, but I’ve never really been able to get into that Dark Souls style of hard third person action game. This is the closest I’ve ever been to properly investing time into one of these games, and I feel like I made significant progress too. But in the end, my baby pain threshold stopped me from progressing any further before I eventually dropped off. It’s real good though and worth looming into if you have a PS4 and like that type of game.

When we get to today’s entry on my game of the year list, some of you may be baffled how hypocritical my previous few paragraphs seemed. But trust me, I’m better at shooters than third person action games. Also, I can’t be bothered booting my PS4 most of the time anyway.

#10: Prey

#9: Star Wars Battlefront II

#8: Cuphead

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