The difficult contradiction to playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses

For a game I had zero interest in during the years leading up to its release, I now find myself utterly obsessed with the latest entry in the Fire Emblem series on the Nintendo Switch. But the more I play it, the more I have come to realise that there are two opposing aspects to the game struggle to work in tandem with one another.

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What is Super Mario 3D World, and why there needs to be another

When I moved house and suddenly had more space to put my junk, I found myself revisiting my Wii U. Many would regard the Wii U as a failed console from Nintendo. Especially in comparison to the staggering success of both the Wii and the Switch either side of it.

Personally, I look fondly at the Wii U. Sure, it only had about 15 games worth owning on it, which is pretty dire for the entire run of a console. But those 15 game were totally amazing. Possibly the best being Super Mario 3D World.

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Creating a Rival for Pokemon Sword/Shield

If there’s one thing a Pokemon game loves, it’s routine. Since the days of the first game, there has been a pretty strict blueprint which following entries in the main series have scarcely strayed from. One of these rules is that of the rival trainer; an individual of comparable skin that accompanies/dogs the player at every turn, acting at the measuring bar to gauge just how strong the player actually is.

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