3 Episode Rule – The 8th Son? Are you kidding me?

I think this might be the last of the entries into the Spring Season of 3 Episode Rule for me. Because, truth be told, nothing else I can find to watch online has really made me want to see it. There were a ton of very generic looking series out there, this one included. But I thought I’d give at least one of them a go before I just wash my hands of the season and just bury myself in Disney+.

Which has nothing to do with the fact that I’m not watching quite as much anime as usual…

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3 Episode Rule – Digimon Adventure

I almost thought about just not including this series in the Spring season’s 3 Episode Rule archive. Because right after finishing the third episode I learned that, thanks to the COVID-19, Digimon Adventure is going to be taking an indefinite break, no doubt a result of the animation and production team being unable to physically do they jobs to get this series out.

But we’ve got three episodes out and  soI don’t see any reason not to talk about them, even if the 4th episode might not see the light of day until we hit the Summer season three months from now…

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3 Episode Rule – Tower of God

This Spring season of anime already seems like a weird one. With big chunks of it either getting pushed back or shelved indefinitely. I haven’t delved too far into what’s been affected, but the COVID-19 pandemic that’s affecting the entire world right now has pushed back a lot of anime production. Which means the future of this season really is up in the air as of the time I’m writing this.

A consistence of this being; I’m not sure how much new anime I’m going to be watching this season. I’m not saying there isn’t anything out there, but the takings are light to say the very least. There is some stuff out there, so I guess I best get cracking and take a look at the main series Crunchyroll are pushing this season: Tower of God.

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