Spiritfarer – A game that makes me feel like I’m invading someone’s personal story

Spiritfarer is a relaxed video game experience that allows the opportunity to leisurely sail through the oceans of the afterlife, farming, cooking and crafting as they acquire more materials, all wrapped around a very personal set of stories. This is a game that obviously carries some weight with the developers at it deals with the concept of death and coming to terms with no only your loved ones passing on, but your own eventual mortality.

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I wish I could enjoy Untitled Goose Game up close

Every now and then, culture manages to jump it’s pre-appointed station and grab the attention and imagination of this cynical old internet. Untitled Goose Game was one slice of media that managed to charm the pants off everyone leading up to, and follow its release on Switch and PC a few weeks back.

Like so many games of this type though, the buzz surrounding the game ended up being far more rewarding to interact with than the game itself could ultimately live up to.

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Little Nightmares is Great

Little Nightmares is one of those game I probably would have ignored nine times out of ten. An indie game that, at a glance doesn’t look all too different than all of the other puzzle platforms that come out every month.

What drew me into this game though was my visit to EGX last year. The booth for Little Nightmares was one of the most striking of the entire show floor. Recreating areas of the game and having people in weird costumes parading about. It left a a mark in my brain that peaked my interest every time more information on the game bubbled to the surface. Continue reading “Little Nightmares is Great”