Jujutsu Kaisen – Episode 10 Review – Idle Transfiguration

We open on a scene that shows us Yoshino does actually have some friends, although they bail on him pretty quickly when some highly violent school bullies show up. I swear, I try to push high school out of my mind as much as I can these days, but I don’t remember it being full of downright psychotics like this.

I mean, yeah this is an anime about literal monsters made of negative energy murdering people. But I dunno, there’s something about the extreme violence high school students use in their bullying of one another and get away with it scott-free really bugs me for some reason.


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Tower of God – Episode 10: Beyond the Sadness

These past few weeks, I’ve been letting my personal frustrations with this series’s storytelling get in the way of the things I genuinely do enjoy about it. Episode 10 felt like a breath of fresh air in many ways, going back to basics (for the most part) and focusing on the bits of the show I like rather than the parts that make me act like an idiot.

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Fire Force – Episode 10: The Promise and style stampeding over substance

I felt that this episode of Fire Force was really its best opportunity to give its characters some time to breathe and grow, but it ends up bundling that in favour of adding a few more convoluted plot contrivances. Fire Force really is becoming a prime example of form over function in a series, with it’s character being the main casualty of this approach.

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