My Seven Deadly Sins in Anime

I don’t know where this idea came from, I just know it’s been knocking around in my drafts folder for a long time without me actually going and writing it. The idea, inspired by the numerous blog tags that have been floating around the anime blogging community, is to have a go at assigning each of the biblical seven deadly sins with characters and their actions throughout the shows I’ve seen.

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Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 61: Vegeta Reborn

Man, oh man. I’ll tell you what, I was coming into this chapter fully expecting to be underwhelmed by it. As much as I’ve enjoyed reading this arc, I’ve felt it never quite wanted to overstep its bounds and do anything really new with the series. But after reading this chapter, I was super impressed with the direction this battle went in, and also with Vegeta’s much hyped new power, that could have easily been a disappointment. Although, I get the impression I’m the exception in feeling this way.

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Dragon Ball Super Manga – Chapter 60: Merus’s Miscalculation

I feel like this chapter is a perfect exemplifier of both what has been great about the storytelling in Dragon Ball Super, and also why it’s been so bad at times. There a sense of a status quo about Super that was definitely not there during Dragon Ball’s original run. I am enjoying it in the moment to moment of reading it, but I feel like this kind of thing is harmful to the story in the long run. If it wants to have a long run.

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